Choose Your Words...

     In our current political climate, it is easy to constantly be in defensive mode.  Constantly reacting to what you read and hear.  A feeling of anxiety, mistrust and fear can take hold and grip your daily interactions.  I woke up this morning with an urge to vent my frustrations, but a conversation with another strong, confident, cancer survivor turned that need upside down. Instead of venting on social media all of my own personal fears, I decided to choose my words carefully and come from a place of compassion and support.  

You can check yourself and your words by asking yourself a few questions...

  • Am I feeling anxious or stressed?
  • Am I feeling angry or upset?
  • Do I want to swear and scream at the world?

There is nothing wrong with having these feelings, in fact, it is normal to be reacting to events that feel wrong or unfair with these emotions.  By confronting your feelings, you can then change the way you look at things and let the fear go.  I know it may sound a little wu-wu, but the more you grip or hold onto something, the more you probably really do need to let it go.  

  • Ground yourself, if you can in the knowledge that you will be ok.
  • You can survive more than you think. 
  • Choose your words, so that you are not adding to your own fear and anxiety.
  • Step back from social media and focus on something else.
  • Share your thoughts and fears with a like minded person.
  • Do not go looking for an argument or debate to release your own pent up frustration. 
  • Don't be part of the problem, do something that adds to a possible solution.

I honestly cannot remember a time in my life that felt like I was walking on ground that could give away at any moment.  Everyday feels like walking in unknown territory.  I don't like it here anymore than you do, but I believe that this place of uncertainty can be a jumping off point for growth and self improvement.  Don't choose to stay in that unhealthy place of fear...choose your thoughts and words carefully and be compassionate with yourself and others.