Building Your Bucket List

I never had a bucket list before I started having health issues. I didn't need one because I had plenty of time to do everything that I had ever dreamed about. After cancer, my perspective changed and I have realized that there are a few things that I really do not want to miss out on in this life time. Some might think it's depressing to contemplate death and to think about kicking the bucket, so to speak, but I don't think so.  It can be motivating! I don't want any regrets, so, I have written down my bucket's official!

I love to travel, but time and money usually keep me from hitting the road constantly. However, I have realized with careful planning, I can complete some of the more expensive items on my list, but I have to start planning. This is our life, right now, and we need to start crossing those items off our list. To do that, you need to first get the top 10 things you absolutely want to do. A few of my top items include adopting a dog, traveling to New Zealand where my grandfather was from and getting my DNA tested to find out more about my family heritage. What are the top things you are dreaming about? What is keeping you from doing them? 

Get a piece of paper and write down 10 things you really want to do. They don't have to be huge things, just things that you have thought about and never completed. Now, take a look at those items and choose a couple that you can do right now. Now do it! Just make it happen! Yes, it really is that easy! I had been thinking about taking tap dancing classes for years, actually decades, since I took my first lessons as a kid. I found a tap class right here in Ojai and signed up last year. It has been so much fun and now I run into my new tap dancing friends around town. I can check that off my bucket list!

There really is no time like the present. I want to have fun and live life and I know that deep down you do too. So, stop with the excuses. Write down those things you want to do today. Once you finish the list, you will probably have new hopes and dreams. I know I will. That's ok, just make a new list. Don't kick the bucket regretting those items you never took the time to do, add some fun into your life! Make your bucket list today!

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