Photo by Ashleigh Taylor Portrait

Photo by Ashleigh Taylor Portrait

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Holly has done something extraordinary with this book - she has demystified the phases of the breast cancer journey in a most soulful, intimate and courageous way. Bittersweet is not only an invaluable source of information but also a means of empowerment and enlightenment for anyone with this diagnosis.
— Pamela Robins, Author, Meditating with Animals

What does a total double mastectomy look like?  How fast does it heal? What happens to the large surgery incisions over time? What will tissue expanders look like as they are filled up? What will my breasts look like after everything is done?

When Holly was going through breast cancer treatment, she looked to the internet for photos to answer these questions, but was met with only before and after photos. She desperately wanted to know what it looked like from beginning to end and everything in between.

Bitter-Sweet is a vulnerable photographic journey documenting the painful and uplifting process of losing and rebuilding a woman's breasts.  Written by Holly, a wife, mother, and breast cancer survivor.  

Holly will share all of the photos that her husband, Wiley, took of her ever changing breasts from double mastectomy to final tattoos to cover her scars.  Holly thought she had lost her identity, but found her true life's purpose to support and honor women's experiences with breast cancer.  This book will share that journey and show that you can survive and rebuild your body and life after breast cancer.